Bei Zhan Restaurant, Melaka

Small Talk: I was a classmate’s company when I took a stroll down the Jonker Walk just now and unexpectedly, I saw not only some MMU friends but also some of my hometown friends who travelled all the way from KL to visit Malacca. (ahem.. not me.)

Once again I felt as if the world is as tiny as a town.


Before I went to Muar two weeks earlier (during Raya time), I had dinner with my gf and two of my MMU friends at this very nicely designed restaurant called Bei Zhan (Chinese: 北栈 běi zhàn).

It was my classmate, Kenz’s room-mate, Ah Kok, who suggested and directed us there because Capitol Satay Celup was full house. There was a queue that was extending till the next four shop lots beside the main restaurant. I wonder why people are willing to queue up so daymn long just for satay celup.

Anyway, let’s get back to Bei Zhan.

I was told that the restaurant is in its new location, meaning it was relocated to its current spot lately. I like its design. Totally.

Bei Zhan Restaurant Melaka

From the outside, all you can see if its pure white corner-lot building with, also, white coloured signboard (or should I say the restaurant’s name because there isn’t any board after all above the entrance).

The ground floor was full with families dining in as we stepped into the restaurant and we were then shown the way to first floor where there’s another dining hall. The restaurant is marvellously big. Really one of its kind.

The theme, I assume, is pure white as the whole dining hall is painted in white and with the lights hung on the ceiling, it’s like they’re trying to be the brightest restaurant in Malacca. In my opinion, its interior decor is nothing short of magnificent. Its simple yet unique decor with the blend of pure white theme, which sparks its classiness, makes it a pleasant place to dine in.

I instantly felt as if I was in some high class western restaurant as I stepped into Bei Zhan. The only difference was majority of the people who were dining there were Chinese, and the food… I tell you… One word (with a symbol): Fantastic!

It’s like typical Chinese restaurant where you go in, place orders of the dishes you want and start chit-chatting and making noise until your food come, and you make even more noise (very often accompanied with burps) until you eventually finished your food. But still you won’t stop and keep making noise. Why??

Simply because the food is Fan. Tas. Tico. TM

(Oppsie, terikut-ikut Guru Pitka lol)

Anyway, I kid you not. The dining experience at Bei Zhan was pure bliss. The long queue at Capitol killed off our mood but Bei Zhan turned the tables completely and what a wonderful dinner we had. Now, all hail Ah Kok! Haha!

Four of us ordered four small different dishes and it cost us a sum of RM 50.10. I find it quite reasonable provided the ambience and the delicious food and not forgetting the rice. I have totally no idea what brand of rice they provide but I love it very much. Furthermore, the ‘unlimited access feature’ for the rice allows you to eat till you drop. That’s double plus for them!

There are three different sizes for most of the dishes shown on the menu – small, medium (regular), large. I didn’t take the picture of the menu so I kinda forgot exactly what they have. However, I’m sure they do serve typical Chinese food, and yes, including pork. That’s a minus for them since it’s non-halal.

One thing that I must highlight here is their Curry Vegetables (or sort, well, you gotta pard’n ma forgetfoolness ya see – I’ve been studyin’ these two weeks n’ it’s like, ya know, I’ve overwritt’n ma memory) lol.

The mixed vegetables cooked (or rather boiled) in an overly delicious bowl of curry was way too tempting and the taste was so intense and scrumptious it made me felt as if I was in heaven that instance.

Okay, maybe I’m over-expressing it a little but their curry veggie is seriously daymn good. Hence, it’s a must try if you visit Bei Zhan. Too many good food for me to list so if you’re in town, be sure to pay ‘em a visit. I guarantee (money-back NOT) you a splendid dinner there.

Bei Zhan Restaurant

43, Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17, Taman Kota Laksamana, Malacca.
Tel : +606-2812684
Fax : +606-2865068
Info updated in January 2011

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend ahead.

P.S. Yippiee!! Exam’s over!!



  1. Jiali Lau says: - reply

    1. ey i like ur camera! So clear da pics.2. Fan. Tas. Tico ur trademark? Can i use it?

  2. Steven says: - reply

    Lol. It's not my camera. My friend's. Nice rite? And best part is, it's just a normal compact cam.Fan. Tas. Tico. isn't my trademark la. simply write wan. lol. that time I ter-recalled Guru Pitka haha

  3. Anonymous says: - reply

    owei. did i see it wrongly? lau jiali?!!!!HUEY GHEE TAN

  4. Anonymous says: - reply

    don't visit this restaurant when yr stomachis "half full". Cos they will charge you RM1.30for a biji of rice u take!!! That day i shared a spoonful of rice with my kids,the restaurant charged RM1.30/spoonful of rice!!!Total RM3.90 for 3 spoonful of rice i gave my kids.The PIC said, once there is rice on their plates, they charged! ok! so,,this lesson thought me "DON'T eat single biji of rice there if u are not hungry. once u eat, u pay".

  5. Steven says: - reply

    You certainly have a point there, Anonymous; but on the other hand, paying only RM1.30 for unlimited refills of rice seems to good an offer to a 'rice-bucket' like me to resist. And why should one visit a restaurant when he/she isn't hungry at the first place – that makes me wonder. Anyway, I understand your frustration. May this be a friendly warning to those who're to visit the eatery.Thanks for dropping by (+ the comment) mate =)

  6. Anonymous says: - reply

    hie~the address u given is the new or old beizhan?wat doesit mean we hv to pay RM1.30 for the rice we eat?is this restaurant afforadable to someone who hvn't work?

  7. Anonymous says: - reply

    the address is the old address. it has moved!New Address:Bei Zhan Restaurant43, Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17, Taman Kota Laksamana, Malacca.Tel : +606-28126984Fax : +606-2865068

  8. Steven says: - reply

    @anon (March 20): thanks for the update. I'm no longer staying in Malacca so it's not easy to keep myself up to date. @anon (Oct 23): I'd say yes, it is affordable as long as you don't order expensive stuff like fish. When I was there, I only paid RM 1.30 for the rice and I can refill for unlimited rounds. However, I'm unsure if they still practise it or if they've hiked up the price or not.

  9. bobdog808 says: - reply

    so is bei zhan still along jonker walk? I walked till the end (stage there) but still didn't see this restaurant ley…

  10. Steven says: - reply

    It's not at Jonker Walk. It's at Jln Kota Laksamana as mentioned above. Click here for its location on Google Map: (URL shortened by cos it's way too long)