My Top 5 Treat List

Desire is a big thing. Different people have different desires but one thing for sure – desires never end. I have countless desires too – from electronic devices to footy shoes to soft toys, but it’s impossible to own everything.

And you probably can guess what’s in the way of owning everything.

In this post, you’re gonna see the greedy side of me for I’ll be listing down my ‘Top 5 Treat List’ out of a list of unlimited wishlist. These top 5 are nevertheless the best I’d love to have. (Note: Not in any particular order)


#5… Nike5 Zoom T-7

A fine product of Nike, Nike5 Zoom T-7 is the state-of-the-art futsal shoes made of premium kangaroo leather upper that has always been my dream shoes. With the fact that my current futsal shoes is already spoilt, it’s a perfect time to get a pair of new shoes. However, I just couldn’t find this anywhere in Malaysia and even in Perth where I asked for a friend’s favour to look for.

image of Nike5 T-7
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I’d really be surprised if one can get me a pair of T-7 now =P


#4… A Digital SLR

I know this is oh-so-common-thing. Kids are asking for camera, camera, camera while big kids like us are crying out for Digital SLR. You can’t blame us of falling in love with DSLR; in my case, I was totally in love with it since I started admiring high quality pictures I see on the web. Plus, Shaun had already started to ‘poison’ me last year.

image of Nikon D80
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I’m one greedy arse but only to the extent of owning a second-hand Nikon D80. But I just can’t see myself getting one any soon =(


#3… Dell Inspiron 13

I’m like a techie (if I don’t look like one to you, still). Owning gadgets is so much fun but sadly I’ve got no assets to maintain such a hobby. If you’re talking to me about Dell half a year ago, I’ll tell you to STFU and GTFO, simply because I wasn’t a fan of Dell. However, my perception slowly changed and later, I found Dell’s laptops are (well, of course not all of them) quite a good treat.

Small is the new big. A 13-inch laptop is the perfect size for a shorty like me. Why Dell? Why Inspiron 13? Why not Studio XPS? Why not Alienware??

image of Dell Inspiron 13

Studio XPS is huge while Alienware is bloody expensive.

Well, well… Told ya small is the new big! The Dell Inspiron 13 has almost everything I need. A powerful Intel Centrino 2 processor with up to 2.53GHz clock speed is… I don’t need to elaborate, you should know how tasty it is. Four bloody GigaByte of DDR2 RAM is perfect to work together with the powderful processor as well as the 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

With 13.3” HD Wide Vivid display and about 1.8kg of mass, it’s suitable for not only chicks but also for people who prefer smaller, slicker and lighter laptops. On top of it, it’s not as tiny as netbooks which looked as if they were designed for puppies.

image of Dell Inspiron 13
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Another standout feature I like about Dell Inspiron 13 is its graphic processing ability. I spent my entire high school after UPSR (a Standard Six public exam in Malaysia) with my old rig of Intel Celeron PC – no C&C Generals, no Warcraft, no Counter-Strike, no nothing; just normal web-browsing and instant messaging. But it’s a totally different story if we’re talking about Dell Inspiron 13: 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330.

I’m not any hardcore gamers like my friends who can stay up whole night during weekends in cyber cafes playing dotA among themselves as if it’s all-you-can-eat buffet dinner-cum-supper-cum-breakfast. Therefore, the HD4330 graphic processor is more than enough for someone like me, who plays games just to release stress and to have the fun of it.

Being an I.T. student who constantly goes online surfing the net as I’m on the go, I seriously need a lappie that’s light yet powerful and reliable.


#2… Apple iPhone

Ahhhh! The people’s (if not world’s) latest obsession! Okay, I might be wrong because not everyone admires Apple’s products – certainly not Bill Gates. Well, actually I’m not a big fan of Apple mainly because I can’t afford them but I feel that Apple iPhone is like the in-thing now. The trend is now evolving into using smartphones and it’s either BlackBerry or Apple iPhone.

image of Apple iPhone 3Gs
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Apple iPhone 3Gs is such a delicious gadget. By saying delicious, of course I don’t mean it’s consumable but I admire its functions and features A LOT. From texting to calling to taking candid pictures to listening to music to going online via Wi-Fi to updating Twitter to logging into Facebook; OMG it’s like a mini computer already! LOL.

Well, of course it’s not perfect.


#1… Collins French Dictionary & Grammar

It sounds very obvious that this is a dictionary, or, to be exact, a French dictionary. Not that I’m learning French but since I’m so greedy that I don’t know what to pick for my last treat, I give it to my girllfriend.

image of Collins French Dictionary
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She’s doing some French university diploma course now. Hence, the need to learn French. And she has been looking for this dictionary for quite some time. It’s not easy to pick up a completely foreign language since she’s no longer a kid that’s why having no dictionary as reference makes life so so miserable.

Sometimes in life, you don’t have to always treat yourself. Treating people around you can sometimes bring more happiness within you (of course within others too).

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