Work, work and work!

Being on a leave means I have plenty of free time to spend and slack. That’s why I need to do something really useful so that I don’t actually slack off the whole four months – I have to get some income and save for a flashgun as well as my year-end trip to Singapore.

First: Event crew at Sunway Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I got plenty of part time job offers. First I got an emergency vacancy to work at a closed Lenovo event. It was their South East Asia’s company team building event which took place at the Sunway Hotel. Mervyn and I worked as the event helper.

Nothing much, but I got hold of the latest, yet to be released Lenovo X1 laptop. It’s thin and sleek, and it comes with this super awesome unscracthable screen. The presenter actually used a coin to scratch it.

Second: Acer-YES 4G Assignment

The following week, I received a project from another friend – this time is to go all over KL and Selangor to put up some Acer’s promotional items. It’s the ‘buy an Acer laptop and get FREE YES 4G dongle and account’ promotion. Quite an amazing deal, I must say – since customers are getting the YES 4G dongle for FREEEEE. It took another friend of mine and I about six (non-consecutive) days to complete the assignment.

Just another day at work.

Third: PC Fair promoter

In between the six days, I took up a promoter job at the KLCC PC Fair – which means I didn’t get the chance to go take pictures of pretty showgirls. It was a three-day fair and I suppose everyone should know what PC Fair is. Mervyn and I were partners again as we conquered the hall and made plenty of new friends. Yeah right lol. We didn’t conquer the hall but we certainly made plenty of friends there. Plenty of crazy friends. And before I forget to mention, we were selling routers and wireless adapters. An unfamiliar brand called EnGenius. However, unfamiliar isn’t always bad. They’ve got pretty good records in Singapore and other countries, AFAIK. (Sorry I’ve got no pictures of the products.)

For three days – day and night – we have been shouting ‘3G router, adapter, repeater – wireless router adapter repeater,’ and sometimes we got so bored that we started to rhyme it with ‘peanut butter’, ‘bread and butter’, ‘go drink water’, and even ‘go see pretty girl’.

Luckily PC Fair only lasted for three days.

Forth: Ingram Micro Solution Day 2011

Yet working didn’t end there. After PC Fair I got another emergency vacancy (lol do I sound like a back-up) at the One World Hotel. It was the Ingram Micro Solution Day 2011. Many I.T. industry players were there for the exhibition and seminars. I even met a photography kaki whom I knew through the Lowyat online forum’s Nikon discussion thread. He is working as an I.T. consultant for Ricoh Malaysia, if I remember correctly.

As far as I’m concerned, the event was all about servers/data centres going green and how I.T. firms (software/hardware manufacturer specifically) are actually doing their part towards the Going Green initiative. For example, power saving technology in laptops or servers – yes, that’s part of going green too :)

I’ve also managed to check out the latest Acer Iconia products – the Iconia laptop as well as the Iconia Tab W500 (tablet PC). Pretty awesome but the tablet has Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed in it. It is said that the next version of Iconia tab will be an Android tablet. Hmm.. fingers crossed.

Fifth: Holiday and Imagine Cup 2011!

Now, I’m finally done with the jobs and waiting for time to go home. This coming week I’ll be flying back to my hometown and pay a visit to Perhentian Island where I last been to in June 2010;

Image credit

and on the following week I’ll be in Kuching, Sarawak for the Imagine Cup 2011. Can’t wait! ;)