2012 New Year’s Eve Singapore Trip

It’s been so long since I wrote a long post I don’t know how and where do I start!

I was in Singapore during the recent New Year’s Eve weekend. It was my first time there and in fact, it was my first time flying out of the Malaysia! I have to say I enjoyed being in Singapore very much, despite the approximate x2.4 currency exchange rate between MYR and SGD.

Eunice was my travel partner this time. We shared a mixed dorm with another four backpacking foreigners (read: ang mohs) at the Traveller’s Inn located at Tyrwhitt Road. It’s an awesome place to stay – clean, cozy, and most importantly, cheap. Not to mention, the owners – Mr Daniel and his wife – are helpful and very friendly! :)

Basically my ultimate aim to be in Singapore is for the New Year’s Eve (NYE) countdown at Marina Bay. I’ve once seen a picture of Singapore’s NYE fireworks on the Internet and I knew that one day I must be there to capture them too. And I’m glad I finally made it.

Our flight was in the evening, so by the time we arrived at the inn, it was already 9pm. The first thing I did next morning was to search for my new wallet at the Orchard Road. It was featured in my Project 366 earlier this month.

Being a first-time tourist in Singapore, I find that streets are like streets in Kuala Lumpur, expect that in Singapore, the streets look simpler, i.e. no confusing flyovers and multiple ramps of exits that don’t even lead you to Hogwarts. But there’s one thing that Singapore streets have, that we don’t have at streets in Kuala Lumpur.




It’s like they’re everywhere – on the streets, in the MRT stations, even inside the MRT cars. They even play videos in MRT stations telling people to report suspicious people or bags.

Walaoeh, I don’t even-


Though to be fair, there’s a reason why Singapore’s streets are one of the safest in the world. :) And I think if the Malaysian government asks its people to call 999 if they see something or someone suspicious, they’ll need to hire a lot of hotline operators. A LOT. You know kids these days right.

Not a good idea.


Anyway, after I’ve gotten my wallet, we walked around a bit before heading back to the inn just to bathe and chill because the weather was freakishly scorching hot! It was so hot, I was sweating while bathing.

It was so hot, I was losing fat while walking along the Orchard Road.

It was so hot, okay never mind you get the idea.


We headed to the Marina Bay around 5pm, seven hours before the NYE fireworks exploded in the dark sky of Marina Bay Sands. I had the pictures of the fireworks in my head even before we were there. I wanted them so badly that I had photorgasms .

Travelling around in Singapore is pretty easy and convenient. Not to mention that its MRT are always on time and cozy. Both the train cars and the stations are air-conditioned. I can talk and compare MRT and KTM all day and get frustrated then emotionally uncontrolled over it, but the fireworks are more important.

So, Marina Bay!

Surprisingly, at 6pm, we were not the earliest. There were already many other people – with their cameras on tripod, with their friends and families and foods and drinks on mat. We walked from Marina Bay MRT station all the way to The Esplanade before I found the right spot that I wanted.

That right spot I got photorgasms from.

Stopped in between for a nice treat of Mocha frappuccino, because the place is huge and the weather was hot. I couldn’t have normal ice water, or a bottle of Coke; I had to have Starbucks frappuccino. lol.

Singapore is packed with skyscrapers.

And one thing I like about skyscrapers is that they make great night view of a city.

The Marina Bay Sands look majestic. The next time I’m there I shall take a tour up the Sands Skypark, which is located at the roof top of the three 55-storey hotel towers. I heard from Valen that the sunset view from the Sands Skypark is amazing.

Valen is a friend we met in Singapore. She generously offered me a spot just beside her for my camera and tripod because it was quite pack along the bank in front of The Esplanade even before 7pm! I later found out that she is a Malaysian who has been living in Singapore for 10 years.

She is now a photography hobbyist who has a family with two kids, living happily ever after in Singapore.

Picture of The Esplanade (the building at the centre of the picture).

The five hours of wait started. We started waiting there before 7pm until midnight for the fireworks. We literally sat down there for over five hours to wait for that epic moment. Talk about patience, we didn’t even had our dinner yet! Throughout the wait, we chit-chatted and exchanged a bit of experience, mostly on photography. It’s nice to meet someone who’s on the same channel, really – especially if you’re gonna be stuck at one place for hours.

By 10pm the whole walking area near where we were stationed was full with people already. Some sat on the stairs, some didn’t mind standing, whilst the rest sat on the floor.

Soon, the wait was going to be over. It was the moment many were eagerly waiting for – the fireworks. *queues Katy Perry’s Fireworks song*

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1!! And the fireworks started…



…and my life was ruined, I thought.

My lens wasn’t wide enough to cover the whole scene. Nevertheless, I couldn’t bother less so I kept taking pictures and occasionally switched the camera to shoot vertically (see result here). Going through the album on my laptop later on, I thought it could’ve been a perfect shot… A perfect start of 2012. It was frustrating. But wait, I think that’s a sign…

A sign to buy a new lens!! HAHAHA!!

Unfortunately no, that’s not gonna happen soon. :(

Anyway, here’s a video of the fireworks taken by Eunice, using her Apple iPod Touch 4.

The awesome fireworks lasted for over 8 good minutes and trust me, it was hard for me to concentrate on taking pictures whilst enjoying the fireworks. It was so, SO MESMERISING. The feeling was amazing. The scene was beautiful. The fireworks were simply breathtaking.

Everything at that moment was so wonderful that it was worth every single second of the five hours I’ve spent there waiting.

Where did you spend your New Year’s Eve? I hope it was awesome too! :)


That’s me. Just being Asian.

Hope you’ll have a great year ahead!