Cheap RM 1.50 Nasi Lemak in Cyberjaya

Amazingly Cheap Nasi Lemak in Cyberjaya

My housemates bought me lunch today. Two packets of Nasi Lemak, and each of them only costs RM 1.50 (which is freaking cheap compared to other places in Cyberjaya, i.e. Oldtown). Tastes good too! :) Project 366: #6 Cheap Nasi Lemak in Cyberjaya.   If you're interested to try it out, it's sold ...

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Funny Name, Dirty Mind

Small Talk: Instead of having loss of appetite, I’m experiencing the loss of the passion to write hence lack of blog updates. But rest assured that I won’t stop writing, just yet. (=   Tepung Naik Sendiri. Pasti naik sendiri. Naik tinggi macam tiang bendera masa naik bendera. Viagra pun kalah. Lol. What ...

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It’s Not Gonna End and I Ain’t Gonna Stop

Small Talk: Things aren’t going very well lately )=   Woke up early in the morning to my assignments and now taking a break for Facebook and news and Milo. To my disgust, one of the headlines at The Star Online reads “BN reps lodge 31 police reports”. Hit the link to read ...

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Legal Tips: What To Do If Stopped By Malaysian Police

Small Talk: My new laptop was messed up by Win32/Virut. Not completely screwed but a reinstallation of Windows is somewhat advisable. Sigh.     I recently received a forwarded e-mail from my friend with subject that reads exactly the same as the title above. To me, it’s quite true hence I decided to ...

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Quote Of The Day

Small Talk: The Disgraceful Drogba post was Steven’s Expressions’ 200th post! How can I forget to celebrate that!! lol. Nvm.. Anyway, another 'Bolehland Rawks' post coming soon.     Today, I spotted a new quote and learned a little from it. “everyone is biased about everything. most people just won’t admit it.” It’s indeed very ...

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